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Raid Rosters

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 11:41 am
by Jahdiel
FAQ: Raid Rosters

We try to use a loose rotation system when determining the roster for a raid based on who signs up. We use the term "loose" because class composition has priority at times over whose turn it may be. The steps we go through to figure out who goes in a given week is:

1) Look at the sign up and see if there is anyone who is new or hasn't been able to come: we try and give these people priority. Generally this is done by memory, but we also have the raid attendance thread to fall back on. Meeting the minimum stats to qualify to go is also factored in.

2) Look at people who go regularly but where we might have more then one of that class regularly. This is where we try to rotate people.

3) Look at what we've got and try and fill in the blanks as best we can, keeping class balance in mind. This is dependent on the instance, so it may turn out differently depending.

It can be a bit random as far as when sign-ups go up and when the roster goes up, but we try and have the roster for the current week up on Sunday and the sign up for the following week up at the same time.

The other thing of note is showing up on time. If it's raid time, and you aren't there, and you haven't let anyone know ahead of time, you will be replaced if someone is available. If you show up 1 minute later, and the spot has already been offered to someone, it's too late.

That all said, we're not above making mistakes. If the roster is posted and something seems off, let someone know and we'll endeavor to fix it.

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Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 11:44 am
by Jahdiel
This is a repost of what's already in Raids and Events, but cleaned up to be more general and official, since this is how we're doing things at the moment.